Bank Field Exams

Diligentiam provides bank field exams as a part of a suite of Lender Services for the banking and financial institution industry.

On Site Assessment – Identify areas of your operation where due diligence can benefit your bank or financial institution with an on-site walk-through and review of borrower’s operation.

  • Compliance – A compliance review focuses on ensuring compliance with the Bank Security Act & Money Laundering Act.
  • Tax Review – Take advantage of changes in the IRS tax code with Diligentiam’s Tax Review.
  • Financial Review – This accounting review ties supporting ledgers to financial statements.
  • Collateral Analysis – Maximize your profitability, and discover hidden assets and areas for cost containment with a Collateral Analysis report of your financial institution.
  • Collateral Monitoring – Ensure maximum cost savings with continued monitoring of the collateral supporting the borrowing arrangements.
  • Risk Analysis – Identify and mitigate risks in your bank or financial institution’s portfolio with Diligentiam’s Risk Analysis.
  • Corporate Analysis – For companies with unusual organizational structures, a corporate analysis can identify areas where profits and costs are being overlooked.
  • Cost Analysis – Identify areas where cost containment can be utilized through an analysis of your financial institution’s operating costs.
  • Industry Analysis – Where do you stand in the overall market? Diligentiam provides an industry analysis of where your bank or financial institution stands in the industry.

Customer Due Diligence Overview

As part of a Due Diligence Strategy for your bank or financial institution, Diligentiam provides all financial institution clients with a “Customer Due Diligence Overview,” providing an analysis of a client’s financials, accounting transactions, and methods and collateral.

Fixed Asset Appraisals

Diligentiam’s industry expert engineers, accountants, appraisers, and industry specific valuation experts can provide appraisals that include fair market value, orderly liquidation value, and/or auction values.

Bank Field Examinations & Analysis

New Borrower Exam

  Annual Credit Renewal Exam

Increases in Lines of Credit Exam

Analysis of Accuracy and/or Timeliness of Annual Audits

Analysis of Borrowers with Deteriorating Financials

Take Down Field Exams

Diligentiam’s team of R&D banking and finance experts consists of former bank executives, CFOs, and CPAs who have been working for over 25 years individually and for over 200 years combined.

This experience allows Diligentiam to bring a unique, synergistic perspective to each particular circumstance that a bank may have.

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