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In their work with clients of Alternative Tax Solutions, Mr. Parrish and his team have seen a large amount of overlap in tax advising and due diligence services. They realized that these and other business services could be cross-utilized to maximize efficiency for the businesses purchasing these services. Out of this idea, our story at Diligentiam was born.

One consistent problem with the due diligence market is experience. Many due diligence service providers hire inexperienced evaluators, who simply do not have enough understanding of the industry to identify problems. Diligentiam only employs seasoned industry professionals. Much like diligence in business practices, it takes a diligent professional to attain the experience needed to proffer sound business advice.

A successful business must have a strategic tax plan, and adjust that plan to follow changes in tax laws. While Diligentiam offers new due diligence services, it also honors its roots by offering a wide variety of tax advising and consulting services. Our years of experience in tax advisement lead to reliable results that our customers can depend on. In addition to the benefits of existing tax credits – such as research and development, and cost segregation – Diligentiam is already prepared to advise clients on the latest 2017 revisions to the tax code.

Diligentiam’s true strength, however, is not in providing due diligence services or tax advisement on its own. Diligentiam operates under an efficient model of complementary services. By offering services that rely on the same research and groundwork, we are able to maximize any project budget. Diligentiam experts use their extensive experience in all areas of business to maximize the efficiency with which they offer these services. We have also incorporated a wide variety of other business services into our efficient model, such as:

  • Banking relationship management
  • Risk analysis and management
  • Operations review
  • Business valuations
  • Cost containment and other financial consulting
Diligentiam team researching tax credits for clients

The seasoned professionals at Diligentiam understand the unique needs of many different industries.

Alternate Tax Solutions has established a strong rapport with the commercial real estate industry. Its staff brings extensive knowledge to Diligentiam, including the unique needs of real estate professionals, and the ability to investigate property minutely – brick by brick – to find every applicable tax credit.

Financial institutions face enormous pressure in the current market. The regulations of the Dodd-Frank Act, combined with low interest markets, have reduced profit margins to the point where it is difficult to profitably lend to a business. Financial institutions need dependable, cost-effective due diligence providers. Diligentiam’s efficient services model positions us to be the premier provider of due diligence services.

By April 16th, strategic tax planning is far from the mind of most accountants in America. Diligentiam’s tax professionals offer reliable advice for effective long-term tax strategies. We are the dependable provider for your clients’ strategic tax planning needs.

The Diligentiam team understands the needs of the hospitality industry. For example: complicated tax rules for tip reporting and food and liquor sales can turn accounting into a time vacuum for hospitality professionals. Our professionals are familiar with these rules. We implement highly attenuated and functional accounting systems so that you can focus on your customers. By implementing effective operations management, accounting systems, and tax strategies, we partner with your business to employ the tools of success.

Every year, renewable energy tax credits are added, removed and changed within the tax code. Let our tax professionals thoroughly review your business to ensure you are availing yourself of every possible tax credit. At Diligentiam, we believe:

  1. A complicated tax code should not prevent a business of any size from benefiting from all available tax credits.
  2. Experienced professionals provide the best results.
  3. A business cannot survive by advertising a level of service it does not provide. At Diligentiam, we follow through with meticulous detail during every step of the process.
  4. Diligence in all aspects of business is the key to success.

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