Andrew Parrish

Mr. Parrish’s career began in the sales department of Motorola and IBM. As he consistently achieved and outperformed his goals, he was promoted to management positions, where he gained experience in strategic planning. He sustained these consistent results for twenty years. In 2005, Mr. Parrish became the general manager of international business development for Bryant University, where he coordinated business development efforts for the Chaffee Center of International Business Development.

In 2009, Mr. Parrish expanded his business expertise into the field of tax advising. Alternate Tax Solutions was founded with the goal of finding “hidden money” for businesses within their tax strategies. ATS has become a well-established business by partnering with its clients to form the most beneficial strategy for each individual business. Its seasoned professionals counsel clients on tax benefits such as research and development tax credits, energy efficient tax deductions, cost segregation, and accelerated depreciation studies.

As Alternate Tax Solutions grew, its team learned that their clients were in need of further business consulting services. Mr. Parrish identified a need for business services that could be cross-utilized to maximize efficiency. This started with due diligence services, but expanded to other consulting and advising, as well. Out of this model of efficiency came the idea for Diligentiam.

Diligentiam enters the market as modifications to the tax code take effect, providing ample financial opportunities for the businesses that access them. It is also a premier provider of due diligence services. Mr. Parrish’s history of consistent results, coupled with his knowledge of business needs, has positioned Diligentiam to be the industry.

Diligentiam Founder Andrew Parish

Our Tax Professionals

The tax experts at Diligentiam are seasoned industry veterans. They have both experience and familiarity with new and changing tax credits. This makes our team a formidable competitor in the tax advising market.
Diligentiam also has experience with specific industries, and the tax credits available to them. Renewable energy tax credits change frequently, and new credits constantly come and go. By consulting with a tax professional who has experience with renewable energy businesses, we can improve your tax strategy by accessing all available credits. There are many.
Commercial real estate is another area ripe for tax credits. With so many different property components – undeveloped land, construction, renovations to existing structures, bio-efficient upgrades, and many more – there is a vast list of tax credits that may apply to your commercial real estate venture. Diligentiam will thoroughly investigate every detail of your property to access any and all tax credits that are available to you.

Our Tax Professionals

Our Due Diligence Team

Many due diligence companies cut corners by hiring young and inexperienced employees. At Diligentiam, we believe in being diligent in every aspect of a business. Our due diligence team consists of only seasoned industry veterans. Our model of efficiency – both in staffing and in complementing the services we offer – allows us to offer better service while making the most of your project budget.

Our due diligence team is also positioned to offer your business other services at maximum value. The information obtained during due diligence investigations allows our team to offer you tax advice and operations management consulting at little added cost, but great added value, to your business.

Our Due Diligence Team

Our Operations Consultants

With decades of experience in business development, Diligentiam is intimately familiar with both the day-to-day and long term operations that lead to business success. Our industry-specific knowledge can promote efficiency within your operations.

Healthcare operations require a mix of both practice management and compliance with legal regulations. Our experts have experience with both. We can help you run your business and meet your legal requirements by designing your processes with maximum efficiency, so you can focus on providing excellent patient care.

The hospitality industry faces a complicated range of legal requirements. From tip reporting to unclaimed property compliance, a business in this industry faces significant legal liability. Our professionals will implement efficient systems that ensure your compliance and maximize your profit margins.

Manufacturing and distribution is a fast-paced industry. With constant technological improvements, a rapidly changing tax climate, and the constant need to find and train skilled workers, it can be difficult to operate in this field with any degree of efficiency. Let our experience assist you in developing efficient processes to navigate these constant challenges.

Our Litigation Experts

Diligentiam employs a highly skilled network of legal and valuation experts. Our professionals have been qualified to testify as expert witnesses in both state and federal courts. By creating a network with a wide variety of professionals – including business owners, attorneys, accountants and finance professionals – we are able to reliably assist with an expansive range of litigation issues.

Our Litigation Experts

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