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Andrew Parrish, BS

President and CEO

Andrew Parrish is a senior executive with experience in operational management, customer service and international and domestic sales management. Andrew has worked in fortune 500 companies such as IBM and Motorola. Prior to working at Diligentiam Andrew was the co-founder of Alternate Tax Solutions, a company that executes complicated tax strategies to obtained large tax refunds, tax credits and tax savings.

As a national sales manager Andrew oversaw the development and design of new products. Andrew was also responsible for the successful implementation and roll out of new products and sales systems. Andrew also has experience in working on Kaizen and Six Sigma process development.

Andrew has built systematic training structures that effectively cross train key employees in multiple facets of a business model. Andrew has assisted companies in developing and growing their international sales organizations through the establishment of Interest Charged-Domestic Income Sales Corporations (IC-DISC). He has also utilized federal government resources, such as the United States Commerce Department, Small Business Administration and various University International Business departments to conduct the due diligence needed in Mergers & Acquisitions.

Andrew loves building and motivating teams towards achieving their goals. Andrew’s hobbies are coaching AAU and middle school basketball and football. Also, Andrew has been a college and high school youth minister.

Roland M. Boucher, CPA, CGMA, LREB, AS, BS, MBA

Principle Business and Tax Strategist

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Roland is a Certified Public Accountant licensed in Rhode Island and holds a Certified Global Management Accountant designation with the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants. He was previously employed for over ten years with a national certified public accounting firm and a large New England regional firm as audit supervisor. He has been involved with SEC, ICC, initial public offerings, mergers and spin-offs, tax planning, strategic business planning processes.

Roland is a licensed real estate broker for over forty years and has been involved with real estate sales, appraisals and developments of various types of properties including industrial, commercial, hotel, right-of-ways, site development, infrastructure and residential properties. He was Director of Real Estate for a publicly held railroad company and for a national real estate development firm located in New England for over thirteen years combined. He has also worked for over 15 years as an officer for one of New England’s largest construction companies. He has been involved with projects ranging from $500,000 to over $165,000,000.

Roland is also a licensed insurance broker, and has been heavily involved with risk management, property management, site development, zoning & planning boards, local government and other governmental processes. He received his Associates and Bachelor of Science Degrees with an accounting concentration from Johnson & Wales University in 1972 and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in accounting and finance from Bryant University. He has also attended post-graduate federal taxation courses in the CAGS program at Bryant University and has received certificates in real estate programs from the Weaver School of Real Estate and Budget Management Program at Boston University. He has also been guest speaker for numerous organizations including Johnson & Wales University and the Institute on Public Policy and Taxation, speaking on topics involving wealth preservation, asset protection, business structuring, cost segregation and research and development tax credit studies.

As a construction specialist and technical advisor, his combined knowledge and experience in accounting, taxes, real estate development, appraisals property management and construction add a multi-dimensional view to each engagement.

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Andrew Parrish Jr., BA

VP, R&D Tax Credits

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Andy Parrish Jr. joins Diligentiam as V.P. of the R & D Tax Division from Alternate Tax Solutions. There he worked as an R&D credit specialist and was eventually elevated to R&D Credit Project Manager, where he engaged with C-level executives to help them understand and apply the R&D tax credit. In his time in this capacity, he led the R&D credit team on numerous engagements with large, medium and startup businesses across the country, helping obtain millions of dollars in R&D credits. He has also worked with subject matter experts to refine how the R&D credit can be applied to various industries. Now Vice President at Diligentiam, Andy’s mastery of tax regulations and legal precedent surrounding the R&D Credit allows companies to maximize tax credits and turn their own R&D activities into an asset.

Andy is an accredited appraiser and performs fixed-asset appraisals that conform to the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). He has experience performing valuations in the construction and mining industries.

Prior to joining Alternate Tax Solutions Andy had worked as an employment consultant at New England Business Associates and as a Policy Analyst at a Connecticut based think tank. Both of these positions allowed him to gain experience in analyzing public policy and building relationships between various communities. He was also able to develop his writing and report building skills, which are now leveraged in the creation of audit proof tax credit studies.

Andy comes to Diligentiam with years of leadership experience, earned through his service as an infantry Squad Leader in the Marine Corps, which included deployment to Helmand Province Afghanistan. After leaving the Marines Andy obtained an undergraduate degree in Political Science from Central Connecticut State University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He is currently pursuing an MBA from Norwich University with a concentration in accounting and finance. In 2016 was elected to serve in local government for the town of Suffield CT.

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Robert Keating, MBA, MSIS

Cyber Security and IT Specialist

Robert Keating is a well-rounded Cyber Security Analyst and Software Engineer who has delivered solutions and support for mission-critical, multi-million-dollar projects with 25+ years of proficiency in Information Technology (IT) techno-functional and business analysis, quality analysis, M&A integrations, database enterprise systems. He has served in project leadership roles on numerous IT endeavors across many industries such as retail, financial, healthcare, and manufacturing.

Robert has an MBA in International Business and General Management and a wide amount of experience in software and database development, quality assurance, database analysis, front-end systems analysis, and project management coordination. With degrees in both business and computer science as a foundation, Robert has a solid understanding of the backend processes needed to correctly support the business end-users’ experience. Hence, Robert can communicate to business stakeholders, SME (Subject Matter Experts), technical engineers, and end-users in their own language. He is a reliable liaison between all the IT/business groups throughout all the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) phases of an IT/business project.

Over his career, Robert has worked on numerous international IT-business projects throughout many industries such as database and enterprise systems consulting, finance, mutual funds, retail merchandising, data storage, food distribution and telecommunications.

Robert’s IT-business projects have included assignments such as legacy to new database conversions and B2B interfaces, enterprise data systems (manufacturing, finance, human resources with advanced benefits, and procurement modules), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) compliance, AML (anti-money laundering) tracking, stock options trading, credit card personally identifiable information encryption processing, and sale commission tracking endeavors.

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Sr. Financial, Tax & Fraud Specialist

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John was an enrolled agent and is a private tax and accounting practitioner. He is a member of the National Association of Tax Practitioners, National Association of Accountants and National Society of Tax Professionals. He has provided accounting, payroll and tax preparation and advisory services for the past thirty years on the corporate, partnership and individual levels.

He has worked for a regional certified public accounting firm for several years before joining the Internal Revenue Service as a corporate and individual field auditor. He was also instrumental in developing their first standardized computerized field audit analysis programs. He was with the IRS for over seven years and is credited in for several fraud examinations.

Upon leaving the IRS, John began working in the construction industry as a controller. He initially worked for a material supplier for over nine years and spent more than ten years for building, site and infrastructure construction companies. He was employed by two universities involved in grant, job cost and general accounting. John provides multitude of experience within job costing and the taxation field.

John also served our country for over 30 years in the United States Army and the Rhode Island Army National Guard. John served in combat areas while in the U.S. Army. When he retired from military service he was Lieutenant Colonel and served as a member of the General Command Staff Deputy as Inspector General for the Rhode Island Army National Guard.

John received his Associate Degree in Business Administration and a bachelor’s Degree in accounting from Johnson and Wales University. He received his Master’s Degree in Taxation from Bryant University. John attended several leadership courses, basic and advance officer course, nuclear and chemical course, Command & General Staff Officer Course and received a certificate for the Inspector General Course.

John’s multitude of experience in construction, site development, accounting, job cost accounting and analysis, corporate and individual tax consulting, fraud and criminal investigations provides great expertise in any task and assignment on an engagement.

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Robert E Harding, PhD

Process Development & Operations Consultant

[email protected]

Dr. Harding obtained his PhD of Industrial Administration at Carnegie Institute of Technology where he also received an MS degree in Mathematical and Managerial Economics.

Dr. Harding worked at Polytop Corporation in Slatersville RI as Chief Financial Officer and oversaw expansion and development operations.

He also was employed at The Foxboro Company for 20 years in Foxboro, MA where he held various positions, including: Manager of End-User Computing Services; Capacity and Performance Management in the Corporate Information Resources Organization; Computer Modeling, Management Science & Technical Support Services; Senior Research Engineer, R&D; Specialist Computer Modeling Applications, Finance; and Senior Systems Designer in the Neponset Manufacturing Plant.

Dr. Harding was a professor and an adjunct professor at several universities and colleges in Massachusetts in the computer science and industrial technology arenas. Additionally, he has been very active in historical preservation and on boards of directors of several organizations in the Southern New England area, including being Chairman of the Board of the Northern Rhode Island Chamber of Commerce.

Robert E Harding

Drew Marquis, BS

Project Manager and Digital Marketing Specialist

[email protected]

Drew holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Rhode Island College. A key portion of his studies were focused in the scope of Business Psychology. Drew enjoys working with clients to provide valuable solutions for their financial goals and appreciates the long-term relationships that can develop from those interactions.

Prior to joining the Diligentiam team in 2017, Drew worked as a building science inspector and later built and managed a small sales team for a consulting company located in Providence, Rhode Island.

Working as a Project Manager for Diligentiam, Drew focuses on using his previous skills in building science inspection and construction to diligently produce engineered tax strategies.

Drew currently holds the Connecticut Life, Accident and Health Insurance License, Building Performance Institute Certification for building science and is currently pursuing licensure as a real estate agent.

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Noah Rafalko

Blockchain Design Specialist

Noah Rafalko is a designer and developer certified in blockchain technology from MIT Sloan School of Management. He filed two patents for the application of advanced blockchain network technologies in everyday use for solving complex communications, security, and privacy issues.

A communications visionary for over 20 years, Rafalko was the founder and CEO of TSG Global, Inc. and Midori Interactive, Inc.  The Midori platform helps carriers and enterprises serving multiple businesses develop new revenue streams and improve customer service through interactive communications technologies. Midori’s services can be deployed within minutes and managed by non-coders via web interface, enabling businesses to communicate efficiently and effectively with the vast majority of customers who prefer texting to phone calls or email.

A strong advocate for the health and innovation within the communications ecosystem, Rafalko serves on the Somos Advisory Board, offering vision and leadership in the ever-changing space. He is also the executive director of a new trade association/coalition, MessageComm, formed in conjunction with Jeff Pulver, a globally recognized innovator and co-founder of the VON coalition.

Noah lives in the greater Boston area and travels frequently to speak at trade shows and events.

Robert E Harding

Eric M Ross, BS, MS

Manufacturing, Renewable Energy, and HVAC Advisor

Eric Ross is a senior industrial operations leader, with a career history of driving increased profitability and customer satisfaction via operational excellence in the manufacturing, renewable energy, and mechanical contracting (HVAC) industrial sectors. He is a highly flexible and adaptable, hands-on senior executive who has consistently leveraged his engineering education and a unique, multiple-industry background to regularly exceed quality and delivery expectations while continuously and/or transformatively improving company performance.

Eric started his career of industrial operations leadership and operational excellence, while serving as a commissioned officer in the USAF. During this service, he held such manufacturing-related roles as Industrial Responsiveness Program Manager and Manufacturing Technology Program Manager in the Pentagon, and Process Improvement Manager for the large jet engine remanufacturing operation at the then Oklahoma City Air Logistics Center.

After completing his military service, Eric initially focused his career on manufacturing operations management and later branched into the renewable energy and mechanical contracting (HVAC) industries. He has held a number of leadership positions in several small and midsize companies in each of these industries. His most recent positions were Chief Operating Officer at New England Renewable Energy Systems / Mercury Mechanical Services; Vice President and General Manager (TeraTorq® Systems) with Comprehensive Power, Inc.; and Vice President of Operations and Engineering of EarthSource Energy Solutions, Inc.

Prior to those positions, Eric served as Chief Supply and Logistics Office for Gem Plumbing & Heating Co.; Vice President of Operations and Quality in Dynisco, Inc.; and Vice President of Operations Management at TTI Testron, Inc., among others. Examples of Eric’s accomplishments, over the course of his career, include:

  • Saved or avoided costs of over $124,000,000 (over 3½ years)
  • Reduced pre-production product customization time at two locations by 35% and 37%
  • Led a company through a total supply transition, reduced inventory by $122,000, and reduced the cost-to-sales ratio by 15% (all within 3 months)
  • Increased output by 24% and profit by 34% (within one year)
  • Increased production capacity by over 15% and concurrently turned a pending $358,000 loss into a $70,000 profit (in five months)
  • Led two money-losing divisions to 22% and 13% profit, respectively (in less than a year)

Eric holds a Bachelor of Science degree in general engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and a Master of Science degree in materials engineering from the State University of New York at Alfred University, and he is a graduate of the USAF Air Command and Staff College. He is the author of the International Ground Source Heat Pump Association manual, Understanding Geothermal Exchange Heating and Cooling. Eric is also a founding member and former board member of the New England-based non-profit RENEW Energy Initiative, Inc.

Picture of Eric M Ross, BS, MS of Diligentiam

Our Tax Professionals

The tax experts at Diligentiam are seasoned industry veterans. They have both experience and familiarity with new and changing tax credits. This makes our team a formidable competitor in the tax advising market.
Diligentiam also has experience with specific industries, and the tax credits available to them. Renewable energy tax credits change frequently, and new credits constantly come and go. By consulting with a tax professional who has experience with renewable energy businesses, we can improve your tax strategy by accessing all available credits. There are many.
Commercial real estate is another area ripe for tax credits. With so many different property components – undeveloped land, construction, renovations to existing structures, bio-efficient upgrades, and many more – there is a vast list of tax credits that may apply to your commercial real estate venture. Diligentiam will thoroughly investigate every detail of your property to access any and all tax credits that are available to you.

Three due diligence colleagues working together

Our Due Diligence Team

Many due diligence companies cut corners by hiring young and inexperienced employees. At Diligentiam, we believe in being diligent in every aspect of a business. Our due diligence team consists of only seasoned industry veterans. Our model of efficiency – both in staffing and in complementing the services we offer – allows us to offer better service while making the most of your project budget.

Our due diligence team is also positioned to offer your business other services at maximum value. The information obtained during due diligence investigations allows our team to offer you tax advice and operations management consulting at little added cost, but great added value, to your business.

The due diligence team building strategy for business operations

Our Operations Consultants

With decades of experience in business development, Diligentiam is intimately familiar with both the day-to-day and long term operations that lead to business success. Our industry-specific knowledge can promote efficiency within your operations.

Healthcare operations require a mix of both practice management and compliance with legal regulations. Our experts have experience with both. We can help you run your business and meet your legal requirements by designing your processes with maximum efficiency, so you can focus on providing excellent patient care.

The hospitality industry faces a complicated range of legal requirements. From tip reporting to unclaimed property compliance, a business in this industry faces significant legal liability. Our professionals will implement efficient systems that ensure your compliance and maximize your profit margins.

Manufacturing and distribution is a fast-paced industry. With constant technological improvements, a rapidly changing tax climate, and the constant need to find and train skilled workers, it can be difficult to operate in this field with any degree of efficiency. Let our experience assist you in developing efficient processes to navigate these constant challenges.

Our Litigation Experts

Diligentiam employs a highly skilled network of legal and valuation experts. Our professionals have been qualified to testify as expert witnesses in both state and federal courts. By creating a network with a wide variety of professionals – including business owners, attorneys, accountants and finance professionals – we are able to reliably assist with an expansive range of litigation issues.

Our team of due diligence consultants developing growth strategies

Work with a world class Due Diligence team of experts.

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