Chess pieces showing due diligence services are your next move for developing a business valuation

How our process works:

Our due diligence team is made up of value creation analysts, due diligence consultants, and business valuation analysts. For the company you are looking to purchase, we will run it through our unique process. This includes analyzing the eight primary categories of a business to see the capability for the company to transition and sustain its ability for continued growth.

These eight categories have been developed by the largest private equity firms in the world. They are the most significant part of their “secret” formulas to assess and determine the value of a business. These eight categories are backed in science, and all need to be fully functional and, most importantly, balanced with each other for a company to achieve long-term sustainable growth.

If one of these eight categories is not fully functional or balanced with the rest of the company, then there is serious potential for those non-functional unbalanced categories to be failure points for the company.

How can Diligentiam help?

Our goal with this process is to help business owners understand the value drivers of their business while at the same time ready them for the process of selling their business.

Diligentiam has a combination of the following: 1) consultants who have worked with companies to transition their company, 2) certified business valuators, and 3) software specifically designed to help companies reduce their company risk, keep their company out of the due diligence slaughterhouse, and increase their salability.

At the same time that Diligenitam is working with you to raise the value and salability of your business, we will also utilize our tax strategies sister company, Alternate Tax Solutions, to explore strategies to reduce the taxes you will pay on the sale of your business.

How we are different:

Diligentiam does it differently by utilizing our backgrounds in value creation and business valuation analyses to provide you with a due diligence report that includes detailed insights on the business, as well as outlines all of our concerns. Furthermore, we also include in our reports our estimate of the current intrinsic value of the company you are looking to purchase, along with recommendations on strategies to improve that current value. Essentially, you are getting three services for the price of one!

How to get started:

The first step is to contact us and schedule a call or meeting to discuss the business you are looking to buy and see if we are the right due diligence team for you.

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