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Qualified Business Valuations Provided by
NCCA Accredited Certified Valuation Analysts

Our in-depth professional business valuation reports comply with IRS Revenue Ruling 59-60 and meet the standards set forth by the National Association of Certified Valuation Analysts. Diligentiam understands that each business valuation is unique, and we will work to provide you with a valuation that caters to your specific purpose, audience, and time constraints.


Reasons you may need a business valuation:

  • Business Sales
  • Partnership Matters
  • Estate and Gift Tax Planning
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Divorce/Forced Exit/Partnership Disputes
  • Corporate Litigation
  • Exit Planning


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A proper business valuation is more than just a range of values written down in a short report. When you work with Diligentiam, you will be working with CVA-credentialed business valuation analysts who use a court-tested approach that contains the following items:

  • A complete narrative of the subject company to include a historical breakdown of the company’s key personnel, key customers, and key suppliers, as well as a SWOT analysis
  • An economic outlook breaking down how the subject company is impacted by the national and local economy
  • An industry outlook, which can highlight competitive advantages and areas for growth for the subject company
  • A complete financial analysis making all of the proper normalization adjustments to the income statement and balance sheet to get an accurate picture of the company’s true financial state
  • A complete financial comparative analysis of the unnormalized and normalized financial statements to understand financial strengths and weaknesses of the subject company
  • A description of the valuation approaches and methods used in the reports
  • An indicated value utilizing the asset approach, the income approach, and the market approach
  • A premium and discount breakdown (if applicable)
  • A calculation or conclusion of value of the subject company

Let the Diligentiam due diligence consulting experts develop your business valuation.

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