When is Reorganization and Restructuring Not a Good Idea?

When is Reorganization and Restructuring Not a Good Idea?

What company can’t use a little reorganization and restructuring once in a while? Reorganizing and restructuring a company is done by taking the individual components apart and seeing how they work as a whole. Only by finding the glitches that are hidden within a company’s operations can you work to overcome them one step at a time. But there are times when a reorganization and restructuring of your company can be a bad thing. These are situations where it might be better to hold off than to forge ahead.

When You Hire New Employees

If you have recently implemented new management within your company, it is never a good idea to restructure or reorganize to change the assertion of power that the new members hold. If you shake things up too quickly, then there will be a breakdown in communication, and it will affect your overall process. Before you decide to reorganize, let a new management team take hold and see where things stand.

If You Intend to Target a Specific Position or Person

A reorganization and restructuring should never try to target a single person or position. If you are having a difficult time with a position, then it is best to create a long-term strategy. The strategy should address the issue rather than make rash and quick decisions. Those decisions might get your company goals off-track. And they can potentially lose sight of the long-term results you desire. Focus on the whole, not the parts individually, when reorganizing and restructuring.

When It Doesn’t Meet Your Organization’s Culture

You want things to run more smoothly, but not to lose your company’s identity. Reorganizing and restructuring should never attempt to change the ideation of the culture of your company or business. Always keep your sense of self in mind. There is nothing that will divide a company and make it lose track of its overall mission and goals more than to make changes that don’t fit with your identity.

Without Taking a Look at the Whole

To reorganize and restructure you need to break down the whole to examine the parts. But it should never be done by examining the parts without taking into account how they relate to the whole. Before you make any major overhauls within just one sector, you have to see how that change will affect the entire organization.

Restructuring and reorganizing your company’s processes is a great thing to do to examine where things can be improved upon. But you shouldn’t use it as a tool to change small parts within the whole without considering how those changes will affect the big picture. For more information about how and when to restructure and reorganize, contact Diligentiam today.