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The Diligentiam team conducts comprehensive reorganization & restructuring investigations
that protect your business from risks such as:

Just as important as knowing when to restructure is knowing when not to. Our consultants quickly identify situations in which reorganization may not be appropriate.

  • Restructuring should never be used as an assertion of power when new management is implemented.
  • If it based upon a particular person or position, instead of an effective business strategy, restructuring will not support long-term results.
  • A new corporate structure must fit a company’s culture.
  • Specific business problems must be identified. If reorganization will not address these same problems, it is not the right solution for your business.
  • Restructuring is a long term solution, which may not be appropriate for short-term goals such as reaching a new demographic or geographical market.

Once we have identified and addressed any potential problems, reorganization or restructuring can be a highly effective tool for meeting your business needs. Learn more about circumstances in which these strategic plans neutralize business risk.

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Restructuring During Business Integration

When two businesses integrate – whether it will result in an entirely new company, or whether one business is being subsumed by a parent business – it is critical to have a strategic plan to ensure efficient operations after the transition. The Diligentiam team will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each business, and restructure as necessary to create the most efficient operating model for the new business. In many cases, this is the best way to establish the company culture of the new business.

Due diligence services mitigating liability for restructuring your business

Reorganization to Mitigate Liability

Any business subjects itself to potential legal liability, simply by conducting business. While it is not possible to eradicate all potential legal risks, a strategic plan to contain and mitigate these risks will significantly decrease the potential harm your business faces. Restructuring can achieve this goal.

Some legal liabilities should be grouped together to contain them in one risky enterprise. Others should be evenly distributed, to prevent any single asset from bearing the full weight of the risk. Sometimes a change of legal entity can protect you from exposure to legal liability. These are just a few of the many options that our legal experts will explore to find the right mitigation strategy for your business.

Managing costs with due diligence for your company restructuring

Restructuring as a Cost Containment Strategy

A Effective restructuring can be used as a tool to contain the costs of doing business. For example: if your business has been classified as a high risk by your insurance carrier, maintaining your policy will require higher premiums. By restructuring your business – or reorganizing as new legal entity altogether – you can overcome the high risk designation and remain eligible for regular insurance premiums.

Let Diligentiam review your operating expenses to identify any problem areas. We work together with you to find targeted solutions that are right for your business.

Maximizing Operations Management

Efficient daily operations are critical to a company’s ability to maintain consistent profitability. Our experts will review and analyze your operations to find any areas where efficiency can be improved. Restructuring and reorganization are often helpful tools in creating an effective strategy for maintaining profitable operations.

An efficient operations structure can also reduce the risk of loss by:

Providing for duplicates of critical systems and intellectual property, while also reducing any unnecessary duplication in daily operations.

Ensuring all necessary physical protections, such as structural barriers and security systems.

Reducing volatility in performance variables & Creating and maintaining appropriate reserve funds.

Identifying sources of loss risk within business operations.

Diversifying both assets and operations & Employing appropriate technological upgrades.

Use of financial instruments (such as credit default swaps)

Reorganization as a Tax Strategy

The ever-changing tax code is full of credits, exemptions, and deductions that many business professionals know nothing about. The tax experts at Diligentiam are seasoned industry veterans who stay up to date on all changes to the tax code. Restructuring or reorganizing your business can access tax credits that are currently unavailable to you.

An effective strategy for reducing tax liability is an important cost containment mechanism for any business. Diligentiam will work with you find the right tools and best strategies for you.

The experienced professionals at Diligentiam know how to solve business problems. Let us work with you to identify your challenges, present solutions, and determine if restructuring is the right strategy for you.

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