Blockchain – Analysis, Design and Auditing

Diligentiam will support your organization in setting-up, utilizing, and embracing this new technology, in addition to auditing your Blockchain transactions and smart contracts.

Diligentiam’s Blockchain Services:

  • Diligentiam will provide auditing best practice to ensure accuracy, security, integrity, and ownership of transactions and records.
  • Diligentiam’s Blockchain practice and auditing focuses on, but is not limited to, the supply chain, finance, and healthcare industries.
  • Diligentiam will support your company in obtaining patents for the application of advanced Blockchain development and/or technologies.
  • Diligentiam will design and build Blockchain technology for Federal, state, and local governments.
  • Diligentiam will provide business/functional analysis, design, development, testing, and implementation via scrum meeting best practices and agile project methodologies in order to properly setup, support, and maintain your Blockchain program.

A Brief History of Blockchain

Blockchain was developed for and most known for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency transactions; however, it was soon discovered that the secure transactions processing of Blockchain technology could be used in a wide range of business transactions. Blockchain is a distributed transactional database for general ledger in which encrypted transactions and signatures are recorded and verified through distributed consensus of all parties connected to the particular network in use. This validation processing eliminates the traditional, trusted, third-party “middle man” and therefore, results in accelerated transaction processing. Unlike traditional databases, Blockchain (list of records) cannot be altered and are securely linked by cryptography.

Support your organization in setting-up, utilizing, and embracing this new technology today!

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