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We offer a wide variety of due diligence services to ensure that your integration goes smoothly:

Efficient daily operations are critical to a company’s ability to maintain consistent profitability. Our experts will review and analyze your operations to find any areas where efficiency can be improved. Restructuring and reorganization are often helpful tools in creating an effective strategy for maintaining profitable operations.

An efficient operations structure can also reduce the risk of loss by:

Review and analysis of all financial documents and data.

Review and analysis of all transactions and business documents.

Review and analysis of the target company’s management and operations.

Review and analysis of legal compliance (both reporting requirements and substantive operating requirements).

Identify potential areas of indemnification by the other party.

Preparation of business valuation reports.

Diligentiam goes beyond a simple review of documents. In due diligence, it is necessary to analyze the data that is being presented to make sure it is accurate, and then provide a critical analysis in order to shape a transactional strategy. Diligentiam thoroughly analyzes and cross-validates the data being presented by the target company to ensure that it gives an accurate representation of the company’s financial, legal, and operational health.

We start due diligence early in the process and continue as long as necessary to protect your business. By covering a transaction end to end (and beyond), we effectively mitigate risk by identifying and neutralizing potential problems as soon as possible.

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Due Diligence for the Seller in an Integration Transaction

It may seem as if only the buying company needs to conduct due diligence in a business integration transaction. This is not the case. Target businesses face risks as well, such as:

Risks After the Integration is Complete

Your risk does not end when the contracts are signed. The most difficult part of any integration is bringing together the company cultures and daily operations of two separate businesses. This, too, is an area where problems must be identified and addressed early in order to mitigate their potential damage. Diligentiam’s complementary services model is well-suited to continued monitoring and consulting after a business integration transaction. Having completed due diligence, we have all the necessary information about both businesses to critically evaluate their operations. This allows us to function at maximum efficiency and provide greater value for our clients.

Put the Diligentiam M&A Due Diligence team to work for your merger and acquisition.

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