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Financial documentation is the most important component of any due diligence investigation. At Diligentiam, we never rely upon a cursory examination of the most basic forms. We access all historical financial and compliance reporting data for the target property. We review utility statements and other maintenance expenses, then compare this data to the information for comparable properties. We review capital improvements and energy efficient upgrades. Once we have collected a vast body of research, we subject it to a critical analysis. All statistics are corroborated by cross-validating them against other data points. Our widespread, far-reaching studies provide scrupulous detail. If a problem exists, we will find it.

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In a commercial real estate transaction, the physical property inspection is just as important as the financial review. Once an experienced inspector has completed the physical property inspection, our real estate experts review those findings. These reports are compared to building plans, existing inspection reports, engineering reports, compliance reports, environmental reports, site assessments, and any existing building permits or licenses. We analyze the adequacy of parking and the state of any improvements. We ensure that utility outlets are in good working condition and suitable for your business needs. We find all building warranties and subcontracts. The property is scrutinized, brick by brick, to ensure that no surprises await its owner.

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Our vast network of real estate experts can meet any other needs that arise during the due diligence process, such as: preparing investor presentations, tax advising, drafting and reviewing legal documents throughout the transaction, and finding an appropriate escrow officer or title company.

Governmental issues can also pose problems for real estate purchasers. Our experts review all licenses and permits to ensure that they are intact, their conditions are met, any transfers are completed prior to occupancy, and any pending applications are submitted as soon as possible. We make sure that your certificates of occupancy and zoning letters are in place before you need them. Any proposed or pending rezoning and assessments are identified. We also ensure that any improvements – particularly energy efficient upgrades – comply with local zoning and permit requirements. If any development rights have been transferred, if there are any pending administrative proceedings for governmental studies, or there is any sort of moratorium on the utilities at the proposed purchase property, we will find them.

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