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Diligentiam’s hospitality group includes a team of professionals dedicated to providing accounting, tax, and business operations consulting services to the hospitality industry. From hotels to owner-operated restaurants to franchise businesses with multiple locations, we work with your business to find the cost saving solutions that are sight for you. Our comprehensive, strategic approach ensures profitability and success for years to come.

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The healthcare group at Diligentiam is a unique team of experienced professionals who are dedicated to serving the healthcare industry. The background, diversity and experience of our experts gives Diligentiam the resources needed to provide the highest quality of auditing, tax and business advisory services to the healthcare industry. Our trained professionals will offer the personalized service necessary to ensure the successful management of your health care practice. Our services include:

Practice management consulting. Effective infrastructure for daily business operations will increase both your practice’s cash flow and patient satisfaction, as well as reducing employee turnover and malpractice liability.

Corporate healthcare business entities are subject to local, state, federal, and even international healthcare regulations. The legal and healthcare experts at Diligentiam will ensure that your healthcare corporation has effective compliance procedures in place. We will protect your business from the costs of noncompliance fines and legal liability.

Effective accounting procedures will increase your practice cash flow, decrease your overall tax liability, and reduce the risk of an audit by state or federal tax agencies. Diligentiam’s accounting professionals are experienced with the unique needs of healthcare businesses. We will work with you to find the procedures that maximize the success of your practice.

Mergers, acquisitions and other business integrations pose risks for business owners in any industry. Depend upon the experience of Diligentiam’s due diligence investigators to protect your business from every identifiable risk during an integration. Our legal experts will prepare documentation that protects you and your business from legal liability, and our operations consultations will ensure efficient operations in your new business. We cover your merger during every step in the process so you can focus on delivering quality healthcare to your patients.

An accurate business valuation can be used to protect your interests during a merger, sales transaction, tax audit, divorce, compliance audit, and other legal proceedings. The Diligentiam valuation experts will ensure that your valuation is thorough, accurate, and defensible.

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