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Diligentiam will help your company avert costly disruptions and improve cash flow by implementing the following solutions:

  • Design, implement, and manage captive insurance programs
  • Perform cyber security audits and simulations
  • Protect against cyber terrorism
  • Conduct safety training classes
  • Perform Cryptocurrency and blockchain audits
  • Design blockchain solutions

Diligentiam offers a wide variety of services to reduce the risk within your everyday operations, as well as reduce your insurance expenditures. By integrating Diligentiam’s solutions, you will be able to successfully avert disruptive, costly events and improve cash flow.

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Collaborating with Diligentiam on due diligence services for your company

Structuring Your Business
to Reduce Insurance Premiums

Risk management starts before your business entity has even been formed. The structure of a business can impact its risk of loss. The experienced risk management professionals at Diligentiam can help you structure a new business – or restructure an existing business – to reduce your risk of loss as much as possible. This lowers your overall risk management profile with insurance carriers, which in turn reduces your company’s insurance premiums and increases cash flow.

Reducing loss occurrence with Diligentiam’s risk analysis consultants

Safety Inspections and Programs to
Reduce the Frequency of Loss Occurrence

Risk management is an ongoing strategy. In order to mitigate the risks of higher insurance premiums, premises liability, workers compensation claims, and other costly consequences, it is important for a business to constantly reevaluate and manage its risk. Diligentiam connects your business with objective experts who are practiced in the art of risk management. We inspect your premises and operations to identify all potential safety hazards. After analyzing our results to find the areas with unacceptable risk probabilities, we work with your business to design and implement safety programs that fit your company culture and meet your risk management needs.


Identifying Risk with Government Agencies

Compliance with government regulations is not just a legal mandate – it also protects your business from the expensive consequences of accident occurrence. The vast network of legal experts at Diligentiam will review your operations to identify all regulations which apply to your business, such as those propounded by the:

Diligentiam will analyze insurance coverages and reduce cost. This includes:

  • Analyzing workers’ compensation and drive mod-factor down
  • Reviewing general, property, and auto liability
  • Analyzing cyber security and cyber terrorism risk
  • Analyzing cryptocurrency risk and blockchain designs
  • Analyzing self-insured medical alternatives

With so many potential regulatory bodies, it is difficult to know whether your business is in compliance – or with what it should comply. Let the experienced professionals at Diligentiam secure your company’s compliance and save it the costs of fines, accidents, and insurance claims.

Claims Management Programs

Both legal and insurance claims can be reduced with the implementation of an effective risk management strategy. Our legal and risk management experts will review your business operations for potential claims of:

  • Premises liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Unemployment insurance
  • Negligence in training and supervision of employees
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination
  • Equal employment opportunity issues
  • Wrongful termination
  • Violation of employment contracts

Once a claim has been filed, it is important to mitigate the loss it causes to your business. Some claims can be dismissed altogether by challenging them appropriately in a court of law or with your insurance carrier. The value of other claims can be reduced with an effective defense, thereby mitigating the impact the claim has upon your business. The legal and risk management experts at Diligentiam will find the best methods of effectively managing claims against your business.

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Emergency Preparedness

Natural disasters and force majeure affect businesses, just as they affect homes and families. By identifying likely risks and implementing a corporate emergency preparedness plan for such events, the losses to your business can be mitigated – even when they are caused by unpredictable forces of nature.

Let the risk management analysis team at Diligentiam mitigate risk for your Insurance Company.

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