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Operations Management

Successful construction operations depend on a reliable workforce of skilled and safe employees. Turnover is a particular problem for the construction industry: all businesses bear losses when replacing and training new employees, but construction businesses also face jobsite hazards and other risk management considerations, which can raise insurance premiums considerably. There are also significantly more interruptions in operations when construction employees must be replaced. Diligentiam works with your business to implement programs for recruiting and retaining skilled workers. Let us protect your construction business from the losses of employee turnover.

Profitable operations in the construction industry also depend upon effective risk management strategies. Construction businesses are particularly susceptible to the consequences of workers compensation claims, premises liability, and natural disasters which destroy unfinished work sites. We work with a wide variety of professionals to mitigate all risks faced by your construction business. Insurance professionals can defend workers compensation claims against your business. Legal experts will appropriately address issues of premises liability, thus reducing your risk management rating with insurance carriers and protecting your business from increased premiums. Emergency preparedness experts can help your business plan for – and respond to – natural disasters, thus mitigating the losses sustained during unforeseen forces majeure. With a comprehensive strategy for managing risks in all areas of operations, your construction business will be protected from loss and ensured of a healthy cash flow, even during unforeseen circumstances.

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Strategic Tax Planning

A comprehensive tax strategy can help any business reduce its overall tax liability. In construction, tax liability is a function of mixed assets, complicated valuation formulas, and deductions that result from ever-changing external forces. Learn how the experienced tax professionals at Diligentiam can employ strategic tax plans for your construction business that will ensure continued access to all available credits and deductions.

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Legal Services and Litigation Support

With comprehensive planning and professional support, you construction business can protect itself from a variety of legal risks.

Manage Ongoing Change through Due Diligence for the Construction Industry.

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