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Tax Strategies

A strategic, comprehensive tax plan will ensure your success in the manufacturing and distribution industries. Learn more about the techniques our tax experts employ to reduce clients’ overall business tax liability:

Tax credits are frequently being added to, removed from, and changes within the tax code. Our professionals stay current on all tax credits applicable to manufacturing and distribution. We can advise you on the strategic use of energy efficient tax credits, research and development tax credits, and many other credits you may not be aware of.

Business deductions can also be used to reduce tax liability. Cost segregation is one of Diligentiam’s most popular and effective strategies. By shifting asset costs from a long-lived assets to assets with shorter lifespans, your depreciation is accelerated. With equipment, real estate, and many other assets in a manufacturer’s inventory, there are many opportunities to employ this technique to the benefit of your business.

Energy efficient technologies can enhance both your tax credits and corporate public image. Our energy professionals will help you determine if energy efficient technologies are right for you.

A good tax strategy will not only decrease your tax liability, but also improve your business cash flow, and increase your access to lending and other financial services. By identifying your company’s specific goals, our experts will partner with you to design the tax plan that is best for you. merger during every step in the process so you can focus on delivering quality healthcare to your patients.

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Operations Management

Like tax planning, an effective operations strategy will improve your business cash flow and ensure continued success. Diligentiam’s experts offer a wide variety of services to promote efficiency and reduce liability within your business operations.

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