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Due Diligence for Software and Technology Companies:

Complicated intellectual property, regulations in a constant state of change, and a steady supply of new business entities present unique challenges for conducting due diligence studies in the technology sector. Rely on the vast expertise of our due diligence providers for dependable and thorough analysis of:

Potential legal claims against intellectual property

Regulatory compliance and areas of potential future regulation

Tax liabilities

Valuation of outstanding corporate securities

Goodwill and other public relations considerations

Accurate growth and market forecasts

Strategic Tax Planning:

An effective tax strategy can improve the cash flow and overall financialhealth of any company. Learn more about the tax solutions Diligentiam experts can bring to your business.

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Operations Management:

Efficient daily operations can bring many benefits to your business, such as:

  • Improved cash flow
  • Reduced tax liability
  • Reduced risk of tax audits
  • Reduced exposure to legal liability
  • Reduced exposure to unemployment claims

Learn how the experienced consultants at Diligentiam can bring these solutions to your business.

Risk Management:

Identifying liability exposure within your business allows our risk management experts to protect you from a wide variety of losses. Our solutions strategically target specific areas of risk, including:

  • Loss of intellectual property
  • Unemployment claims and increased unemployment tax liability
  • Fines for noncompliance with local, state, federal and international government regulations
  • Restricted access to lending
  • Increased (and costly) employee turnover rates
  • Claims of negligence in the supervision or training of employees
  • Workplace harassment and equal opportunity employment claims
  • Premises liability
  • Emergency preparedness for natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other unforeseen impediments to daily operations
  • The increased insurance premiums associated with high risk ratings

These and many other risks can be appropriately mitigated through strategic risk management programs.

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Litigation Support:

Diligentiam works with a wide network of legal and technology professionals. Our expert witnesses have been qualified to testify in both state and federal courts, and they are highly experienced in intellectual property and other technology matters.

Our legal professionals can also help you plan, implement, and reassess your company’s compliance with government regulations. As a fast-paced, dynamic industry, the technology sector faces equally dynamic regulations. Strategic compliance planning can help your business meet the challenge of complying with local, state, federal and international technology regulations that change almost by the hour.

Employment contracts and nondisclosure agreements are particularly beneficial to the technology sector. Diligentiam can protect your company’s intellectual property and trade secrets by implementing effective documents and enforcing them in court.

Protect your Interests through Due Diligence for Software and Technology.

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