The past few years have witnessed an explosion in the craft beer and distillery industry. Around the country, entrepreneurs have invested time and money into figuring out how to turn success with small-batch beers and spirits brewed in a garage into success in large-scale commercial production, all the while, performing constant experimentation with ingredients to develop new products. These activities make breweries and distilleries great candidates for the R&D Tax Credit. If your brewing or distilling operation has engaged in the following activities then you may be eligible for the R&D Tax Credit:

• Developing formulas for new products
• Acquiring and testing alternative ingredients
• Conducting analysis on small-batch results to analyze microbiological results
• Studying microbial activity at various stages of the process
• Testing alternative fermentation processes and techniques
• Designing workflows and systems for new brewing/distilling operations
• Testing new workflows to improve efficiency
• Developing formal QC testing processes
• Developing small batch formulations for testing
• Redesigning formulas to improve product

Generally, brewing and distilling operations will utilize a core group of personnel in management and operations to engage in product formulation, process development, and testing. In some cases, breweries and distilleries may employ technically oriented biologists to drive product formulation. The wages of these employees as well as supplies and materials consumed in new product R&D may be qualified for the R&D Tax Credit.

If you believe that your brewing or distilling operation meets any of the criteria outlined above please contact the team at Diligentiam.

R&D Tax Credits

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