Green Technologies

The modern fight against climate change has created a scientific endeavor akin to the space race and computer revolution. Around the planet, people from all walks of life and across all disciplines have begun thinking about how we as a species can reduce our impact on the environment. There is no question that success in the long-term will not come from our ability to mitigate and go-without, but instead, from our ability to adapt and overcome.

The need to adapt our technologies has harnessed one of our greatest resources, human ingenuity. In the U.S., this ingenuity has resulted in the exploration and creation of “green technologies” that reduce the overall environmental footprint in one way or another. In most cases, successful creation of new green technologies is the product of a long and arduous process of trial and error.

This is the exact type of effort that the R&D Tax Credit was designed to reward. The R&D Tax Credit plays a key role in rewarding companies for taking the risk to explore new areas of technological capability in order to solve large-scale problems. If your company spends time and resources attempting to develop and test new products that contribute to effort to reduce environmental impact, you will be rewarded for these efforts through this Tax Credit.

Please contact the professionals at Diligentiam to determine the R&D Credit potential for your green technology product development efforts.

R&D Tax Credits

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